Nail Plate Trusses Allows for Bigger Wooden Buildings

By: Kevin Bews

SPF Manager, Canada Wood Japan

Archivision21 Factory (Chitose)

When one thinks of engineered wood products, nail plate trusses do not usually pop into mind. However, the nail plate truss system is an excellent way for widely available random length dimension lumber to become an engineered wood solution, to realize long roof and floor spans, which are essential to build large wooden structures, which would otherwise require the use of traditional engineered wood products.

J-lead Dairy Farm Cattle Barn (Nakagawa)

Canada Wood Japan promotes wood truss use in Japan’s residential and non-residential wood frame construction sector, where roof systems are dominated by rafter design. Our joint efforts with the Japan Wood Truss Council (JWTC) in developing and promoting the nail-plate truss system enable a unique combination of beauty, strength, precision, and quality engineered wood solution that has gained a growing acceptance by the builders and architects in Japan in recent years. According to JWTC, there were over two thousand projects that utilized the nail-plate truss system in Japan in 2020, and with the number of larger projects adopting the system, the amount of lumber consumed increased 17 percent compared to the previous year.

Nursing Home Kumoitoso(Miyazaki)

A few recent examples include Archivision21’s new mega-factory in Chitose, J-lead Dairy Farm’s new cattle barn in Nakagawa, and finally Nursing Home Kumoitoso now under construction in Miyazaki. For a firsthand hand look at how nail plate truss is manufactured using SPF dimension lumber, click on the new video clip produced with the cooperation of the JWTC below.