Prefabricated Wooden Structure Featured in the Xiongan Green Development Report

By: Yike Qin

In April 2020, the long-awaited book titled “Xiongan New Area Green Development Report (2017-2019) – A Green Beginning of the New City” was published by China City Press. Canada Wood China (CW China) had an article featured within this book, titled “Research on Promoting Prefabricated Wooden Structure in Xiongan New Area” in Volume 3, Chapter 11: “Low Carbon and Cycling.” As part of CW China’s collaboration, the Sino-Canadian Eco-district project was included as a best practice model to follow for the developments in Xiongan.

From the beginning of the establishment of the Xiongan New Area, green development was determined as the guiding ideology and the principle of the top-level design. As a core aspect of the Xiongan New Area, green development concepts run throughout the entire planning and construction process.

This book summarized the urban development process of the new area in five volumes, which include Green Mission, Top-Level Planning, Leading Practice, Mechanism Innovation and Green Prospects. This book interprets the green concepts and models of related plans, policies and standardization systems. It also studied green innovation practices and reviewed the focus areas of the Xiongan New Area’s green development.

CW China was honored to be invited to be a partner organization for this book together with renowned think tanks, building academies and planning institutes. The article featured by CW China emphasized the significance of using prefabricated wooden structures in Xiongan, and gave recommendations for suitable technical systems and assurance measures.

CW China has developed a 2020-2021 engagement strategy for the Xiongan New Area, and we will coordinate with relevant Canadian stakeholders to plan further details. As economic activity in China continues building back towards previous levels, we look forward to visiting Xiongan again soon. In the meantime, we’re coordinating with all our partners remotely, and would be happy to connect and discuss further if you wanted to reach out with questions pertaining to this project.