Donguri Anne Public Library

Expertise aids in Japan's tsunami reconstruction


Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan


240 m2


Natori Municipality


When a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan in March 2011, it unleashed a savage tsunami that obliterated 120,000 buildings and partially destroyed over a million more. In response to this tragedy, Japan’s government partnered with the forest sector to assist rebuilding public infrastructure with sustainable wood-frame reconstruction.

The Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project, in addition to demonstrating Canada’s goodwill as part of a larger humanitarian effort, also demonstrates Canada’s commitment to Japan as an important trading partner that has provided decades of benefits for Canadian companies, forest communities and workers.

One of these buildings was the Donguri Anne Public Library, located in Natori (Miyagi Prefecture) some 250km north of Tokyo. The 240m2 library, completed in January 2013, was built with wood products donated by Canadian lumber companies. The project – which is intended to showcase seismic performance and energy efficiency –  incorporates a variety of Canadian forest products including hybrid posts and beams, 2×4 infill wall panels, and a unique 150x150mm Hem Fir post-and-rafter structure.

Canada Wood Japan collaborated with the project’s architects and builders, in order to ensure the broadest variety of Canadian building materials were incorporated. The resulting structure combines Hem-Fir(N) structural post and beam timbers, finishing components and furniture, SPF lumber, Western Red Cedar siding and decking, OSB panels and hardwood Maple flooring.

The project serves as a long-lasting symbol of friendship between Canada and Japan. Canada Wood provided technical support and expertise in wood-frame construction to Japanese officials as part of the reconstruction project.


In November 2011 the governments of Canada and of British Columbia, in partnership with Canada’s forestry industry, dedicated $4.5 million to the Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project. Utilizing Canadian wood-frame construction techniques and materials, the project supported the rebuilding of community facilities in Japan’s disaster-affected regions.

Many thanks for the invaluable support of stakeholders, partners and contributors including: Canada Wood Group, Government of Canada – Natural Resources Canada, Province of British Columbia, Province of Alberta and Canadian forestry companies including: Ainsworth Engineered; Ardew Wood Products Ltd.; AP Group; Canadian Forest Products Ltd.; Hampton Affiliates; International Forest Products Ltd.; Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd.; Taiga Building Products; Teal Jones Group; TimberWest Forest Corp.; Western Forest Products Inc.; and Interex Forest Products Ltd. representing Carrier Lumber Ltd., Dunkley Lumber Ltd., Millar Western Forest Industries Ltd. and Sundance Forest Industries Ltd.