Yuriage Public Market

Revive the local community using Canadian building technology


Natori City, Japan


496 sqm


Natori Municipality


The Yuriage Public Market in Natori City was a popular commercial hub and tourist destination for more than 30 years before it was destroyed by Northeastern Japan’s devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that ravaged huge areas of the country.

Reopened in 2013, the restored public market is a result of the Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project. It has two main market structures that house shops and booths for local farmers, fishermen, and merchants in order to support local economic revitalization and provide long-term sustainability to the community.

The market was made with Canadian lumber and building materials using 2×4 construction methods. Adjacent to the market, the Canada Tohoku Friendship Pavilion contains a food court, an exterior deck, and public meeting places. The pavilion spans a total floor area of 496m2 and was built using post-and-beam construction methods and Canadian forest lumber. The products utilized included Douglas Fir glulam, OSB, plywood, SPF CLT (cross-laminated timber), and Western Red Cedar. Canada Wood led this reconstruction initiative, and provided technical expertise in wood-frame construction.