The First National Symposium on Fire Safety in Buildings

By: Lance Tao

Export Development Program, Canada Wood Group

The First National Symposium on Fire Safety in Buildings was held in Kunming, Yunnan from September 26 to September 28, 2022. The Symposium was jointly hosted by the Architectural Society of China, China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization (CECS), China Fire Protection Association, and China Academy of Building Research (CABR). The theme of this Symposium is “Urban Renewal and New Energy”, which focuses on industry issues and future scientific development of fire protection for engineering construction. Nearly 1,000 representatives from construction fire prevention industry attended the meeting with over 100,000 live viewers online.

Site photo for the Symposium

There were 14 sub-forums organized for the symposium and more than 200 central, local, and industry media reported on this event. The Building Fire Protection Design Sub-Forum was held on September 28, 2022, which was hosted by Heshan Hengbao Fireproof Glass Factory Co., with the support of Canada Wood China (CW China). The forum was chaired by Ni Zhaopeng, Director of the Fire Safety Research Institute of China University of Mining and Technology. 11 experts and scholars from architectural design, research institutes, universities, and manufacturing enterprises shared their insights on fire protection issues, building fire prevention design innovation and practice, fireproof glass and curtain wall partition systems and engineering applications of wood structures. Haiyan Zhang, Senior Director of Codes and Standards of CW China was invited to deliver a presentation at the sub-forum on “New Technology and Development of Fire Safety in Timber Structures in North America.”

Group photo of the sub-forum chairman and some guest speakers.
Over 200 participants attended this sub-forum in person.

The sub-forum was attended by more than 200 industry leaders, experts, and academics. This forum not only helped every participant to better understand the standard specifications in the field of fire protection design in buildings, scientific research results, engineering practices, and the development status of building fire protection products and technologies from around the world, but also became a valuable platform for communication and exchange.

The first batch of 230 Expert Certificates of China Top Think Tanks for Building Fire Protection Trade was issued in this symposium, and Christian Dagenais, FPInnovations lead scientist, was nominated as one of the specialists in the National Top Think Tanks, of whom is the only specialist in fire engineering for timber structures. The Think Tank is to play a role in technical support and consultation services in the field of engineering and construction fire protection in China, so as to promote industry development and improve fire prevention capability in construction.

Expert Certificates of China Top Think Tanks for Building Fire Protection Trade

As one of the members of the Building Fire Protection Professional Committee of CECS, CW China also attended the committee meeting during the symposium to explore the current situation, difficulties, application cases and innovations in fire protection building design. The symposium also held a public exhibition of excellent building fire protection practices, inviting guests’ representatives to observe on-site, strengthening the understanding of new technologies, new products and new techniques in the building fire protection industry, and jointly promoting the healthy development of the industry.