Thin decorative panels – Another new application for B.C. species

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Evo Wood, a well-known furniture manufacturer based in Gurgaon, has pioneered a new application for B.C. forest products – thin panels used for decorative furniture overlays.

Looking for a solid wood substitute and an alternative to veneers, Evo Wood began using yellow cedar and western hemlock to develop embellished 3.5mm thin sheets that can be laid over wood to create stylish, high-quality softwood furniture. 

The panels are produced through a patented manufacturing process and are available in sizes up to 10ft x 4ft, as well as a variety of designs and surface finishes. By using lower-quality wood as a substrate, manufacturers can create a beautiful, finished look while substantially lowering costs. Additional benefits of the panels include their lightweight and versatility, as they can be easily cut, routed, shaped, and applied to a wide range of surfaces.  

Response to the panels has been extremely positive, as architects, interior designers, manufacturers, and contractors have shown interest in using the sheets across widespread applications such as cabinetry, structural use, panelling, staircases, doors and frames, flooring, and ceilings. 

Recognizing this as an exciting new opportunity for B.C. forest products, FII India supported Evo Wood through the development process by sourcing B.C. wood species, providing technical assistance and introducing the company to local manufacturers and designers who showed interest in the panels. For example, FII India introduced Evo Wood to Dreamcatcherzz, a local design house known for its luxurious designs and quick turnaround times. As a result of the connection, Dreamcatcherzz chose western hemlock panels in their interior design plan for Kota Kachori, a busy takeout restaurant looking to create a rich, ‘palace-like’ feel within a small space. 

In a similar effort, hemlock panels were recommended and used for tabletop application at a popular coworking space in Bangalore. 

In addition to the interest shown by India’s woodworking community, the panels have also garnered positive response in Vietnam. In an example of cross-market promotion, the FII Vietnam team introduced the panels to local Vietnamese manufacturers, with several firms showing interest in sourcing the product.

Through working with local manufacturers on this innovative application, FII India helped open the door to another new market for B.C. forest products within the furniture manufacturing sectors in both India and Vietnam.