Trends and Revitalization of Wood Frame Construction

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Korea Institute of Building Construction (KIC), in collaboration with Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA) and Canada Wood Korea, held a joint technical seminar on February 5, 2020. Over 150 professionals attended the seminar, including two top large construction companies such as GS E&C and Lotte E&C, reflecting growing interests in WFC to large builders.

The seminar was designed to introduce the market trends and revitalization of WFC.

As a key-note speaker, Tai Jeong, country director of Canada Wood Korea, had delivered an hour-long lecture on future tall wood mass timber and its environmental benefits.

Since the first topic by Mr. Jeong was directly related to the architecture of the future in inspiring and educating the people who will design the urban fabric, the following two topics were on reflection of architectural trends and hybrid WFC case studies from regions around the world that participants are eager to rise to. The last topic of the seminar was presented by Joseph Park, KWCA Manager of Korea Super-E® house certification projects, to inform the importance of energy-efficient construction and Super-E® certification process.

The carbon footprint has become a global trending topic in environmental science and related academic fields in recent years. In this sense, associated professionals are determined to spread WFC, which are environmental-friendly buildings in order to let not only architecture students and architecture community but also the society know the beauty, environmental-friendliness, and practicality of wood structures.TwitterLinkedIn