Winning Design of Korea Forest Welfare Education Centre Applies Timber Use

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Seoul-based architects Kawa and SoltoZibin has won a competition award for designing the Forest Welfare Education Centre in Daejeon. The winning design seeks to showcase a hybrid use of CLT, Glulam and wood infill wall systems to maximize the elaboration of both structure and function. The architects also hope the design could be applied as the replicable and scalable building model for various building typologies.

(3D Rendering: KAWA Architects and SoltoZivin Architects)

Both principals of the two architecture firms have been recognized in South Korea as the wood design champions and their passion and skills towards wood construction started with the engagement with Canada Wood Korea office’s mission and workshop programs. Mr. Samyoung Choi, the chief principal of Kawa, recently nominated as the Chief Master Planner of Jinju City, will take lead of the construction of the Forest Welfare Education Centre project.

Canada Wood Korea helped the architect to complete the wood infill wall design and will continue to provide technical support to the project.