Workshop Proves Popular in Okinawa

By: Kevin Bews

SPF Manager, Canada Wood Japan

On July 29th, Canada Wood Japan-based staff held a Canadian Structural Wood Products Technical Workshop in Naha with a new local customer, Edge Co., Ltd., to introduce and promote the platform frame construction method and Canadian structural wood products. Representatives from COFI Interior & Coast and APA provided a one-hour workshop on 2×4 construction, SPF and OSB to Edge’s staff and their clients; two construction companies and one architectural firm in which a total of ten individuals participated. Upon the conclusion of the workshop, an informal Q&A session was held so that both participants and Canada Wood staff could directly interact, followed by a job site visit. This exercise proved to be invaluable – as most of the partakers had little or no knowledge of 2×4 construction, let alone Canadian structural wood building products. As a follow-up, COFI will be conducting a one-day regional 2×4 seminar in Naha on October 14th, where we will have a First-Class Japanese Architect provide first-hand knowledge and instruction for companies based in Okinawa on how to design and construct 2×4 homes in Japan.