Canada Wood Korea Makes Donation to Support Korean Down Syndrome Community

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Canada Wood Korea and the Embassy of Canada in Seoul participated in a ceremony at the Down Syndrome Community Rehabilitation Centre to make a donation to the organization. The event was attended by Mrs. Stephanie Danagher, wife of Canada’s Ambassador to Korea, and Mrs. Sian Stickings, spouse of Britain’s Ambassador. We donated 100 gift packages including small wood house cutouts made of Canadian S-P-F which are used as painting blanks to allow these children to express their imaginations and inspire curiosity through the Centre’s art education program.

The Down Syndrome Community Rehabilitation Center runs various programs to raise awareness and create a voice advocating the rights, inclusion, and well-being of people with down syndrome to ensure they have access to quality education and skills development programs.

CW Korea staff are passionate of these children and saw great beauty in the way they communicated their feelings with each brushstroke. Even during the pandemic, the work of this community has continued and prospered! We are grateful to Down Syndrome Rehab Centre for giving us this opportunity to support the local community.

Gift package from the Embassy of Canada including SPF painting blanks prepared by Canada Wood Korea

For more information about Down Community Rehabilitation Center, please visit: