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Canada Wood on Twitter and LinkedIn

Canada wood is focused on diversifying markets for Canadian wood products. To deliver results Canada Wood Group actively promotes and supports the innovation in manufacturing and increased uses of wood in building design and construction. We also expand export opportunities for Canadian wood products in traditional and emerging overseas markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, and Europe.

There have been many new and exciting developments: China Wood Frame Construction Technology (WFC) has been recognized for the first time by China’s Green Building Evaluation Standard as a viable solution for the country’s green building credit rating. Korea has celebrated urban regeneration with the completion of its tallest hybrid wood building.  Japan is anticipating an increase in supply and demand for wooden large-scale buildings due to favorable Building Standard Law amendments. These are just a few of the new developments and there are many more to come in the future.

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Canada Wood Asian Manager’s Regional Meeting

Group photo in front of the 2X4 elderly care project under construction in Kanagawa Prefecture

A Canada Wood Asian manager’s regional meeting took place in Japan from April 25th to 28th. At the meeting, 15 persons from 5 countries (Canada, China, Korea, Indian and Japan) gathered to familiarize themselves with their colleagues and sister markets to exchange information and best practices for developing opportunities and expanding international markets for Canadian wood products. Of the three full days that the manager’s spent together for meetings, presentation and brainstorming sessions, one day was set aside for the group get out of Tokyo to visit Polus Tech’s Post & Beam Pre-Cut Manufacturing Plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, Mitsui Home Component’s 2×4 & Truss Component Manufacture Plant in Saitama Prefecture, and last but not least a tour of a 2,200m² three-storey 2×4 fireproof elderly care facility under construction in Kanagawa Prefecture, designed by Issiki Architects & Partners, constructed by Nagai Construction Co., Ltd. and the structural materials supplied by Wing Co., Ltd. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these Japanese companies and their staff who generously took time out of their busy schedules and hosted our group.

Canada Wood Group Hires Second Representative in India

Canada Wood Group (CWG) announces the hiring of Mr. Raj Singh as Business Development Manager to be located in New Delhi, India.   Mr. Singh is the second industry representative attached to Canada Wood to be assigned to the BC Forestry Innovation Investment (BC FII) Indian initiative.   Mr. Sanjay Gupta was hired on June 23, 2014 to work on behalf of CFPA members in the Mumbai office.   This second CW position will be shared jointly by CFPA and COFI.

As part of the expansion of Canadian efforts in India, new officers are being placed in strategic geographic locations closer to key consuming regions.   In the 2016 BC Budget Minister Mike de Jong, BC’s Finance Minister, announced a $5 million increase over the next three years earmarked towards development of the Indian market.   Incremental funding will go towards augmenting field personnel, expanding product trials with users and launching new market campaigns.

Mr. Singh comes with extensive background in Indian manufacturing and retail operations related to wood, and has a Masters’ degree in ‘Wood Science & Technology’ from the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.   He has worked in quality control, procurement and business development capacities.

He commences with Canada Wood in August 2016.    We would like to welcome him to the team.

Industry Mission to India Creates Positive Vibes

Paul Newman introduces Canadian lumber species to local importers.

From Jan 28th to Feb 1st, an industry mission representing the BC Interior/Alberta, Eastern Canadian hardwood and BC Coast lumber; plywood/OSB; and the BC wholesale sectors journeyed to New Delhi to participate in a program of merchant and site visits and attend the DelhiWood show.

Central to facilitating and hosting the visit were staff at the recently established Forestry Innovation Consulting India (FII) office based out of Mumbai.  Country Director Kant Singh, marketing director Zoish Bengali and technical specialist Brian Leslie did an excellent job at pulling together an interesting program for the Canadian visitors. Viney Gupta trade commissioner at the Canadian High Commission organized an excellent evening reception for the delegation and members of the Indian trade.

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India — the Illusive Market

Canada Wood's Brian Zak meets with Indian sawmillers & timber importers in Bhuj, India

Recently Brian Zak (CWG phytosanitary & market access rep) and I visited India.  Our primary objective was to expedite the resolution of troublesome plant health and access barriers which were impeding the port clearance of some Canadian species into the market.  In addition we wanted to get a feel for the wider opportunities and challenges of selling softwood lumber. 

India’s significantly younger age demographic is a major difference with China and other Asian countries.

India is without question a fascinating place for the newcomer.  Time seems to have stood still:  the construction explosion so evident in China is noticeably absent.  If one is well traveled in Asia, the temptation to make comparisons is irresistible. And perhaps that is a mistake because India, on second thought, seems unique and difficult to peg in an Asian context.   It has its own customs, practices and preferences.   It is a vast country in its own right with different peoples and regions.  It has a history with wood, but one that’s at variance with the Asian experience.  Continue reading