Crown Homes receives quality certification for GLT manufacturing issued by CABR

By: Jim Wang

Senior Director, Business Development, China

On July 28, 2021, the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) issued the first quality certification for the manufacturing of glue-laminated timber (GLT) in China. This marks a significant accomplishment for a program that Canada Wood China (CW China) has been supporting in partnership with CABR since 2017.

The CABR quality certificate for Glulam production

Officially launched on February 27, 2020, this new certification was developed by the certification center of CABR with the support of CW China and more than 20 industry partners. The program was a result of the national research and development project for the “quality certification and certification technology systems for building parts and components,” intended to improve standards for construction and building materials.

Testing of materials being used for GLT

Following the launch of the certification program, CABR together with CW China, the China Southwest architecture design and Research Institute and Beijing Forestry University, inspected a number of domestic GLT manufacturers that were interested in applying for certification. After a review of applications and the documents submitted, a factory inspection team reviews raw material control, production process control and document management. The inspection team tests parameters such as bending resistance, gluing performance, and moisture content of the glued wood products at the production site based on the China national GLT product standard GB/T 26899. The last step of the inspection is to have the products sealed on-site and sent to Nanjing Tech University, a third-party testing organization designated by the CABR, for off-site testing for the final product qualification report.

Among the first batch of applicants, Suzhou Crown Homes was the first to meet all required indicators from the production process to product quality. After the final expert committee review, Suzhou Crown Homes was awarded the first GLT product quality certificate issued by the certification center of CABR on July 28, 2021.

Suzhou Crown Homes with representatives of CABR, CW China and the inspection team

Starting from an MOU signed between the two parties in October 2018, through the development of this program, CABR and CW China have established a close partnership to promote the development of wood structures in China. From the preparation of the GLT certification process to the implementation, promotion, and review of applications, CW China provides support and technical expertise. The issuance of this certification establishes a new benchmark for the industry of domestic GLT production, will guide the improvement of GLT products, and create a better market environment. Through this program, CW China has an opportunity to position sustainably harvested Canadian wood species as one of the preferred materials for GLT production in China.

As China moves towards a low-carbon era, the construction industry has great potential for improvements in energy conservation and emission reduction. Wood products such as GLT provide natural and renewable building materials, with excellent structural strength, reliable fire resistance and flexible design. The use of GLT and mass timber solutions open new possibilities for the architectural design of wood structures for large-scale public facilities and commercial buildings. CW China will continue to work with CABR to foster a greater awareness of building with wood in China and to support the improvement of the capacity of the industry.