Douglas-fir provides biophilic benefits within Oncology Centre in Jaipur, India

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Globally, there is a growing recognition of wood’s biophilic benefits—the increased connection to nature through the incorporation of natural materials, such as wood, in building projects. To tap into this trend, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) India continues to work with stockists, builders, architects and designers to demonstrate the biophilic benefits of Canadian wood species within building projects across India.

The FII India team worked with a local stockist (importer/distributor), Tambi Timbers, to guide the use of B.C. wood within an Oncology Centre in Jaipur. The goal for the design of this healthcare space was to create a relaxing and natural environment through the use of wood products. To achieve this, the project architect, Ar. Shrey Tiwari of Design Tellers, approached Tambi Timbers in search of a versatile wood species that could be used within a variety of applications. Tambi Timbers reached out to FII India for support and, after assessing design and construction needs, recommended Douglas-fir as an ideal species for the project.

FII India continued to work with the architect throughout the project to provide technical assistance on the use of Douglas-fir within a variety of applications, including ceiling and wall panelling, doors and doorframes, shelving and furniture.

The extensive use of Douglas-fir within the centre successfully created the desired calming atmosphere, while serving as a showcase for the biophilic benefits of Canadian wood species.  For more information on FII’s strategic approach, priorities and activities in India, please visit