Elevating Innovation: The Trailblazing 4-Story Mass Timber Office Project in China

By: Weizhou Fu

Architect, Canada Wood China

Emerging in Zhejiang Province, China, is an exceptional office project that stands out for its strong commitment to sustainability and its groundbreaking construction utilizing a 4-story mass timber wood framework. Nestled within the picturesque Qibaoyang Industrial Park in Zhejiang’s Liandu District, this building exemplifies forward-thinking design. Developed by Lishui Yuanli Green Tech, a glulam manufacturing company based in Shanghai, the new office structure addresses their expanding business needs, as their former facility struggled to meet demand.

The architectural concept seamlessly integrates a combination of engineered and solid wood elements, incorporating Canadian Douglas fir glue-laminated timber posts and beams, alongside SPF roof and floor truss systems. A concrete core provides essential support to the wooden framework, reinforcing its ability to withstand both wind and seismic forces. Notably, the exterior flaunts a distinctive appearance due to diagonal glulam braces, visible through energy-efficient thermal glass panels.

Addressing fire safety standards, the latest Chinese regulations permit wood construction up to 8 stories. However, due to stringent fireproofing requirements beyond the 4-story mark, many projects opt for 4-story wood construction to align with these standards.

Throughout the realization of this project, Canada Wood China played a pivotal role. Their involvement spanned from initial concepts to project completion, offering vital technical support. This collaboration encompassed design input, structural consultations, training, and on-site guidance. An expert review meeting, featuring respected figures such as He Minjuan, Yang Xuebing, and Professor Xu Fang, affirmed the architectural excellence of the project.

In essence, this endeavor signifies more than just architectural accomplishment; it represents the synergy of collaboration, innovation, and the harmonious fusion of visionary thinking with technical mastery.