Increasing Design Capacity for Wood Building in Korea

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

As the wood construction in Korea has transitioned towards more “engineered buildings”, Canada Wood in cooperation with the Wood University has launched a series of training courses on the Woodworks® design office platform to address skills gaps in wood design. The last training session held in August was attended by 30 professionals in the field of wood design, most of them first-time users.

The South Korean construction community is focusing more on climate-friendly wood construction as they begin to think about the contribution of buildings in Korea’s efforts to decarbonize the country.

WoodWorks® Design Office was developed by Canadian Wood Council and is recognized as a great tool for building engineers to configure and design light wood-frame and heavy timber construction based on the latest codes and standards. The package has been recently upgraded to include features for CLT and mass timber component design.

The course is certified for CEUs by the Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) and the Korean Professional Engineers Association (KPEA).