Medical Care Wood Buildings on the Rise

By: Kevin Bews

SPF Manager, Canada Wood Japan

Work being done by Canada Wood in Japan to expand wood use in medical, elderly care & social welfare market segment continues to progress well, and it is not only the number, but also the height of these buildings that keeps increasing. Latest case in point is Family Hospice Kyoto Kitayama House. This project is a 37 unit 4-storey 2×4 fireproof building with a total floor area of 1,767m². The total height of the building is 14.8 m, in which approximately 320 m³ of structural wood products was utilized; including SPF dimension lumber, Canadian OSB, as well as domestic and engineered wood products. The hospital is owned and operated by Kairos & Company, designed by GGK Architects & Engineers, constructed by LIV Co., Ltd., and the wooden structural materials supplied by Mitsubishi Estate Housing Components, and engineered by Azusagawa Sekkei Co., Ltd.

Since we first connected with Kairos & Company eight years ago, the company has opened a dozen hospices across Japan constructed with wood, this one being the second 4-storey hospice the company has built in a year, and with more wooden hospices being planned, it is wonderful to see this company and market segment is on the rise.