Motivate Wood Professionals at Wood Infill Wall Workshop

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

In response to growing interest in prefabricated wood construction, Canada Wood Korea arranged a technical workshop and site tour for a cohort of Korean architects, engineers and builders on January 21, 2022 to examine prefabrication in the context of carbon footprint, construction efficiency and utilization of the infill wall system in hybrid building. The workshop was delivered on the jobsite of the Cheongdam-dong community housing demo project, a concrete ramen superstructure enveloped with a wood infill wall system, an exterior non-load-bearing wall solution commonly found in Nordic countries and first introduced to Korea by Canada Wood. The event was presented by Canada Wood technical team along with Mr. Jinhee Hong, principal at Smusoop Architects and Gilwan Jang, principal at KS Planning and Construction.

The construction industry in South Korea has made big investments in prefab construction as a means of addressing its commitment to carbon reduction and workforce shortages and cost uncertainties. Though the main arena for building prefabrication is the high-rise construction sector, wood infill walls enjoy a unique opportunity in hybrid mainstream concrete and steel building because of its good insulation characteristics in relation to thickness, providing substantially better energy performance than traditional concrete, masonry or steel walls. 

Canada Wood has been actively promoting the wood infill wall system through demonstration and technical training programs to boost its acceptability in Korea’s residential and commercial building market.