Outlook Bright for Wooden Offices & Warehouses in Japan

By: Kevin Bews

SPF Manager, Canada Wood Japan

Canada Wood staff are proactively advocating with our partners in Japan and making great progress in branding and growing Canadian wood products use in the non-residential market segment. Ideal examples of the progress being made is the different types of offices and warehouses we see popping up across Japan. One of our good customers, Dairi Forest Products & Construction (FPC) is not only spearheading the charge, but also leading by example. Dairi FPC (formerly Dairi Lumber) based in Tokushima, recently relocated, and built a new head office (2-storey & 619m²) and warehouse (1-storey & 696m²) near the Port of Tokushima. As you can see by the photos included, that these two new stylish designed 2×4 buildings really standout in compared to the typical steel and concrete counterpart’s atypical when visiting these sorts of places. Both buildings were engineered by En.Wood and were constructed with Canadian SPF, OSB and other North American EW (TJI, LSL, LVL) and domestic wood products.