Pioneering Prefabrication for a Sustainable Future: Canada Wood Korea at 2023 Busan Housing Interior Exhibition

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

In recent years, the global construction industry has faced mounting challenges such as climate change and rising costs. South Korea is no exception, and there is a growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective prefabricated building solutions. South Korea’s prefabrication construction market has been steadily gaining momentum, fueled by the need for efficient building methods that reduce costs, minimize waste, and promote sustainability.

Canada Wood Korea has been actively advocating for the adoption of prefabricated wood construction in South Korea. To showcase the benefits of sustainable and cost-effective building solutions, CWK participated in the 2023 Busan Housing Interior Exhibition held at BEXCO, Busan. The four-day event allowed CWK to distribute technical and promotional literature, including the Korean-translated Alberta Forest Products Buyer’s Guidebook, and display examples of the Midply Shear Wall System and various wood samples.

In addition to their exhibition booth, CWK hosted an outreach technical workshop on March 10, 2023, targeting architects, construction companies, and future building owners. The workshop aimed to introduce wooden prefabricated structures that actively utilize wood for detached houses and mid- to high-rise buildings, promoting sustainable and innovative building solutions in Korea.

Jae Choi, technical consultant of Canada Wood Korea spoke at the workshop

The workshop featured experts with experience in designing and constructing wooden prefabricated structures. They shared case studies of successful wooden prefab constructions, highlighting the potential of wood as a versatile, sustainable, and cost-effective building material for mid-high rise structures. Furthermore, the workshop provided valuable market information and technology trends, enabling attendees to make informed decisions regarding their building projects.