South Korean Couple’s 2×4 DIY Home Attracts National TV Attention

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

You’ve probably heard the stories about people who’ve had enough with home buying and decided to strike out and build their home themselves at huge savings. This is not uncommon in North American as those houses are usually built by people who already have extensive experience in the construction industry — contractors who want to build their own place or carpenters who know they can do a lot of the work themselves.

However, this is not the case in South Korea. No wonder this South Korean young couple’s DIY 2×4 home caught the attention of EBS, a national TV network famous for its education and culture programs. The program titled “Exploring Architecture, Homes” was so popular that it gained over 600k viewerships under just a month.

To Hyeon Soo Kim and Eun Joo Kim, owning a DIY home means a new residence  at a much more affordable cost, customization that fits their lifestyle, and the satisfaction of knowing that you put in the work yourself. The couple completed the project within the budget of 130,000,000 Won (about CAD 140,000).

Though DIY homebuilding is far from mainstream in Korea, this TV program has generated substantial public interest and demonstrated the various benefits of building with wood using the 2×4 system.

Watch the video here: