Workshop Addressing Building Seismic-safety for Korean Architects and Builders held in Korea

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Following a few high magnitudes of earthquakes detected near South Korea, there are growing concerns that the Korean Peninsula may no longer be safe from strong shock waves. Architects, structural engineers and builders in Korea has shown keen interest in building sound structures that can endure the severe earthquake strike. It has led to the Wood Wall Bracing workshop organized by Canada Wood Korea and Timber Engineering Lab of Chungnam National University (CNUTim) with the focus being in the excel-based structural engineering program designed for Small Wood Frame Houses. The program was jointly developed by both parties.

The well-attended workshop was approved by both the Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) and the Korean Professional Engineers Association (KPEA) as having respective 1-hour credit and 3-hour credit for continuing education required for both registered architects and structural engineers. The training attracted over 140 participants.