Built To Perform: Super-E® Housing Featured by Korea’s Largest Newspaper

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Incheon wood frame Dagagu House demo project was recently featured in a full-page article on Jung-Ang Daily, one of the three most prominent newspapers in South Korea.

Headlined “There is no such wood frame house as the energy-efficient Super-E® Home.”, this high-profile demonstration project caught media attention due to its pioneering adoption of three leading solutions: Wood Wall Bracing, Midply Shearwall systems and the Super- E® technologies.

Canada Wood Korea has been continuously promoting these three building technologies within Korea and providing technical support on several projects. The Wood Wall Bracing, Midply Shearwall system and Super E®, all developed in Canada are key to the faster adoption of the 2×4 system in the country. They match well to the government’s ambition for making new buildings meet zero-energy requirements by 2025.

The demo house passed the strict tests required for Super E® certificates and Korea’s 5-star certification, making the building meet the highest quality and energy-efficient standards. The test was implemented by The Korea Wood Construction Association, a key advocator of wood construction in the country.

“This demo house was recognized as a state-of-the-art house by others thanks to the wood that supports the house firmly. In order to achieve higher seismic performance, the Midply Shearwall system was applied.” Said Mr. Kang, principal of NOVA Architects behind this project.

“I wanted to build a house that doesn’t have environmental hormones. I thought the wood-frame house is the perfect solution for that. I am really satisfied with living in this house, together with my loving family.” He further stressed.