Canada Wood Seminar Provides Important Technical Information for Japanese Wooden Construction Industry

By: Scott Anderson

Canada Wood Japan / APA representative

Mr. Yamaguchi presenting

The APA and COFI Coast successfully held a hybrid in-person and online seminar on February 25th that was attended by approximately 90 people. Over 90% of the attendees watched the seminar from throughout Japan on the Zoom online platform. The seminar was titled “Various Methods to Use Canadian OSB and Engineered Wood Products, and the Importance of Using Treated Wood Products in Wooden Housing”. The 3-hour session began with a presentation about Canadian sustainable forest management, the advantages of Canada Tsuga (Hemlock) sill plate products, and Canadian OSB and the extensive range of applications they can be used in. This was followed by Mr. Komura from En Wood, who spoke about various engineered wood products and their applications, providing several case studies of non-residential projects that he had specified their use in. This was followed by Mr. Yamaguchi from the Japan Wood Preservers Industry Association who discussed why and where treated wood products should be utilized in wooden homes. The seminar provided Canada Wood Japan with a platform to effectively support the wooden construction industry with meaningful technical information that underscores the suitability of Canadian forest products used in structural applications where quality and durability are of prime consideration.