Canadian OSB Creates Cool Training Space at Local Sports Gym

By: Scott Anderson

Canada Wood Japan / APA representative

APA-The Engineered Wood Association recently visited a training gym in in Miyazaki City where 3×6, 12 mm Canadian OSB was applied as decorative wall paneling to create a very stylish environment for their members. The Hidaka Sports Gym has approximately 100 types on training machines in a 3-storey steel structure that was formerly a warehouse. The gym has been in business since 1998 and has become quite famous as the spot where pro boxers train, as well for helping develop many championship body builders. Since purchasing the building in 2005, the owner Mr. Hidaka has conducted periodic renovation and maintenance work, including painting the machines black and red to create a cool environment to motivate the people training.

Three years ago, while redoing the interior of the roof, Mr. Hidaka remembered seeing interior applications of OSB in various magazines and thought this looked cool, so he decided to try to do the same in his gym. He purchased approximately 100 sheets of OSB from local home centres and along with a carpenter friend they installed these on the walls of all 3 floors of the building. This was well received, with some members who were previously reluctant to go up to the 3rd floor of the building due to the low ceilings saying the new gentle environment made them feel more relaxed, and their hesitation to go upstairs disappeared. Besides the psychological impact on the members, Mr. Hidaka said scratches and stains don’t show up on the OSB so it’s not necessary to regularly repaint the walls. Mr. Hidaka was so impressed he applied the leftover sheets of OSB in his garage at home. Overall, an interesting case study on the positive attributes of using OSB in interior applications.