Korean Documentary Inspires Public Perception of Tall Wood Building

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

A 1-hour documentary aired on Korea’s most popular cable network JTBC on April 17 was not only informative but also inspirational as it alleviated public concerns and created favourable perceptions on tall wood construction. 

Entitled “Revolution of Wood”, the program depicted the coming era of mass timber as a step change soon to enhance Korea’s cityscapes. Tall wood building projects from Europe, North America, Japan and Korea were featured including Brock Commons and Han Green, the tallest modern timber building in South Korea. 

The program addressed public misperceptions that the more wood is consumed, the greater deforestation will be.  Principles of sustainable forest management and wood’s inherent carbon and environmental benefits were highlighted.

A preview of the program, subscription is required to view the full program.