Learning the Ropes: Growing with Canada Wood Energy Efficient Technology (EET) Training

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Canada Wood Korea successfully concluded our second run of Energy Efficient Technology (EET) Training which was attended by 70 architects and builders, over 56 of whom were first time attendees. The 5-day training program, led by RDH, a Vancouver-based building science and engineering consulting firm and CASE R&D, Korea’s leading building science researcher focused on high performance home and building sciences with a hands-on blower-door demonstration at a Super E® House project site.  

EET training is designed to provide a practical introduction and application of building science fundamentals for the evaluation, design, construction and verification testing of energy-efficient buildings based on the WUFI ® hygrothermal modelling adapted to Korean climate zones.

On top of theoretical lectures, various wood frame wall and roof assemblies, not only providing “code  plus” thermal performance, but also high airtightness and durability, were introduced and their details and how-to-build were explained and demonstrated step by step via live presentations and videos of mock-up construction.

The program was co-instructed by Mr. Joseph Park, Director of CASE R&D and two other Canadian instructors. Joseph has extensive experience in Super-E® housing and is the go-to person in Korea if you want to know more about the building science of wood construction.