Reinventing Housing: Namuro Home Unveils Affordable, Compact, Canadian Wood-based ‘TORY’ in South Korea’s Prefab Market

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

In a strategic move intended to expand the accessibility of wooden homes in South Korea, Namuro Home, an affiliate of Younglim Wood Co., Ltd., has recently launched an affordable modular home model named ‘TORY’. Younglim Wood, founded in 1969, carries a rich history of over half a century in the wood industry. ‘TORY’, meaning small yet robust, encapsulates the ethos of this new venture into South Korea’s prefab housing market.

This more affordable model stands at roughly CAD $11,000 less than the higher-end models previously offered, Harang and Asa. Despite this price difference, TORY still encompasses a distinct sense of spaciousness with its integrated roof and attic design. This thoughtful layout, paired with expansive windows and double-front doors, creates an invigorating sense of openness.

The affordability of TORY is primarily a result of its lightweight wood construction, using dimension lumber instead of the more costly heavy timber. In South Korea, the lightweight wood construction, known colloquially as 2×4 or 2×6 construction, is predominantly employed in wooden house builds.

TORY’s framework incorporates 2×6 (38x140mm) Canadian SPF dimension lumber, augmented by insulation material such as Icynene-Lapolla insulation. Externally, the model features Cedar wood siding, while the windows and doors adopt German-style system fittings. Internally, the walls are adorned with laminated veneer lumber and silk wallpaper, and SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring underfoot.

Moreover, to accommodate varying homeowner preferences, alterations can be made to both exterior siding and interior finishes using different types of wood. As a standard, wall-mounted air conditioning and heating units are included.

This launch, Lee Seung-Hwan, CEO of Namuro Home asserts, aims to promote the concept of ‘a small but precious life’ in the housing market. He muses, “Does having everything we desire necessarily lead to a happy and satisfying life?” He answers, “In a small house, we can’t keep many things. Through the process of choosing what is precious and necessary, we learn to believe in ourselves and pay attention to the natural environment and human relationships around us.”

Namuro Home’s vision through TORY is to encourage a more intentional lifestyle, fostering connections with the natural environment and relationships around us. The model highlights the potential of industrialised wood construction, enabling a smaller yet meaningful life. The project also promotes the use of Canadian wood, showcasing its versatility and economic advantage in South Korea’s burgeoning prefab housing market.

*All photos and images are copyrighted by Younglim.

Namuro Home ( represents the vanguard of modern wooden housing solutions. Operating under the prestigious banner of Younglim Wood Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1969, Namuro Home utilises over five decades of wood expertise to craft residences with robust “heavy timber construction”. Leveraging cutting-edge foreign structural technologies, the creative team at Namuro Home continues to innovate in the sector. The esteemed Founder and Chair of Younglim Wood, Mr. Kyoung Ho Lee, lends his expertise to the venture, having previously served as the Chair of the Korea Wood Construction Association